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National Crime Search is firmly dedicated to providing you with the most up to date court closings and restrictions. Due to the interruptive complications of COVID-19, we have created several strategic contingencies to compensate for such turbulent times.The rapid rate of changes and delays do inhibit our operations, as this is an industry-wide issue. To contend with the ongoing changes, NCS will actively update/monitor this page. Please note, that while we are exceptionally confident in our ability to offer you fast, precise information, our pandemic circumstances may impede the process. Periodic inclement weather and flooding can also cause courts to close. While our exemplary swiftness and accuracy is not guaranteed currently, our diligence always is. We will continue to proudly serve you and maintain our reputation of excellence in quality service. Thank you for your patience during these difficulties.

Court Closures and Delays

STATUS AS OF September 28, 2023

County State Last Updated Closure Status Notes
Los Angeles CA 08/23/2021 Limited Access What is the D.O.B. situation? California superior courts have started removing the date-of-birth search fields from their online portals. Due to the nature of such a dramatic change, this will prove challenging for larger volumed areas. The original DOB filter for Los Angeles has been replaced with a “month and year” filter, (M&YOB). Appriss utilizes the in-court process as it’s always been the most accurate, timely, and price-effective process for our clients. The in-court PAT replaced a full DOB with a M&YOB.What does this mean for future searches? The month and year are still available on the PAT, but the clerk will not verify more than month and year. Defendants who physically appear in court are the only ones allowed to have full DOB accessed. Attorneys are also excluded from the PII and will not be able to access the full DOB. National Crime Search is currently working to assess the impact on our searches both in turnaround time and clerk fees. The Superior court hasn’t yet indicated a fee schedule for the assistance linked with confirmation of Month and Year (M&YOB) on searches. We will continue to update clients as we obtain firm information. California & Michigan DOB Redaction Information – Professional Background Screening Association (
Orange CA 09/21/2023 Delayed The court made changes to the public access terminals. At this time, we are only able to return clear results, but searches with possible hits cannot be processed.
Chatham GA 07/26/2023 Delayed As of 7/26/2023, we were alerted to a technical issue with the public access system, which considerably slowed the rate of progress with completing searches. The court is working to resolve the issue; please expect delays.
Fulton GA 08/21/2023 Delayed The court’s site was offline over the weekend. It is fully operational again and we are completing searches as quickly as possible.
Richmond GA 07/26/2022 Delayed The court has limited Public Access Terminals. At this time there is no known ETA on a resolution as to when services will be restored. Please expect delays.
All Counties HI 02/07/2022 Delayed Many searches require files to be pulled to get complete information. The court is short staffed and struggling with the volume of file pulls. Please expect delays.
Cook IL 06/27/2023 Delayed The public access terminals have been crashing daily. Please expect delays until the PAT stops crashing and is fully operational again.
Hinds MS 09/12/2023 Closed The court’s offices have been closed as a result of a cyber-attack. At this time, the court has not been able to provide an anticipated reopen date.
All Counties NH 06/13/2023 Delayed The clerks are behind on background check requests due to vacations, staffing, and holidays. Please expect some delays in all NH counties.
All Counties SC 09/12/2023 Delayed We are experiencing connectivity issues. Please expect delays while our team works to resolve these issues.
Various Counties MT 09/26/2023 Delayed Montana Court Clerks will be attending a mandatory conference the week of 9/25-9/29. Please expect slight delays.
Multiple Counties MI 04/11/2023 Delayed Due to Michigan’s new clean slate law that went into effect on 4/11/2023, several courts across the state have removed public access to their criminal indexes or greatly reduced the available years to search. Please expect extensive delays while we work with the courts to gain access back to full case histories and understand their timeline for updates to their criminal indexes.