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NCS Makes Background Screening Easy

Background checks can be confusing if you’re not sure how to approach them. NCS can offer some best practices to make the process easier. We often hear people say, “why should I do a background check on my employees? I already know all of them.“ Well, many employers have been surprised and by then it’s too late. 

And for some companies, they must run background checks to remain compliant with their regulations. That especially applies to industries such as childcare providers, some contractors and the medical industry. Most importantly, you want to hire the right person —  a person of good moral character and you want to keep your workplace safe.

Why conduct a background check:

  • To evaluate character & trustworthiness.
  • Reduce the risk of employee, theft, fraud and embezzlement.
  • Lets your employees and clients know you are serious about workplace safety.
  • To comply with the law, i.e., childcare providers or medical professionals. 
  • To ensure applicants have the necessary educational qualifications and job experience. 

Can you afford to be wrong? Let’s look at a few statistics from the Society for Human Resource Management: 

  • 50% of all resumés & applications contain false information
  • 33% of all business failures are due to employee theft
  • 18% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace

You may be wondering how you should approach conducting a background check. There are really three key things to think about: 

  • Where has the applicant lived during the past seven years … particularly what state or counties? That’s most likely where a crime would have occurred. 
  • Think about the job position. Will the person be driving for the company? If so, consider running a Motor Vehicle report. You probably don’t want someone who continually has traffic violations driving your company car. 
  • Will the person handle money? If so, you might consider an employment credit report that shows the person’s history of financial responsibility. 

If you need assistance with background screening, please call NCS at 888-527-3282 to speak to a customer service rep.