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NCS Service Improvements and Updates

At NCS, we are always looking for ways to improve our service and maximize customer satisfaction. We want to make sure the search process is equally useful and rewarding for new clients as it is for clients who’ve been with us for over a decade. To this end, we are excited to announce a few updates to our services with the intention of improving cost efficiency and aiding the relevance of specific searches. 

  1. Search Relevance Update: When ordering any one of our NCS search packages, our goal is to provide the most useful and applicable information to aid your hiring decision. For our featured pre-employment search packages, we want to make sure any criminal data that could endanger your company and its network of clients is provided clearly and your attention is alerted appropriately. Starting June 20th, inconsequential records such as minor traffic violations will not be shown in our featured packages, as these sort of convictions have no bearing on general hiring decisions. If you are hiring someone for a position that involves driving, we recommend ordering a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) to receive data on an applicant’s driving record. 
  2. Search Processing Update: In order to improve the timeliness of our searches and make searching easier for our clients, NCS is going to include any necessary follow up searches for all of our search packages, effective June 20th. Essentially, once a search has been ordered and the applicant’s info has been provided, nothing more will be needed from the client and the search will be performed. In addition to refining the search process for our clients, we expect to see quicker turn arounds in comparison to our previously offered services. We hope to continue to improve customer experience and search result promptness, and we appreciate your continued feedback!

A Quick Reminder!

If the search results you receive help you decide not to hire an applicant, we provide the required Adverse Action Letters with your search results. By law, these letters must be provided to the applicant if they are not hired due to the results of a search! To find these documents, look at the top of your search report once it’s provided – it will be filled out for you.